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Asaran Earth Trio & Hugh Macdonald - Monday Discovery Series

So a Croatian, a Brazilian and a Hungarian walk into a bar…

A collective of vocalists from different corners of the globe (as well as the set up to a great punchline), Asaran Earth Trio is a group dedicated to signing beautiful music from around the world. With New York City as their figurative ‘bar’, Asaran came together out of the desire to take different traditions in new directions, combining folk elements together with the adventure of group improvisation and each member’s musical ‘history’. Together they sing, clap, play percussion and are known to cause groups of strangers to laugh, cry, sing, dance and shake some groovy shakers. Asaran features Astrid Kuljanic from Croatia, Artemisz Polonyi from Hungary and Anne Boccato from Brazil. They love to share their music and stories all around the Earth – in living rooms, theaters, houses of worship, festivals, on the street and even in actual bars.

Anne Boccato is a pianist, composer and vocalist born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. She has been living in the United States for over 10 years, enjoying the Jazz scene in New York City, teaching piano lessons and performing her own music, as well as collaborating with some wonderful musicians.

Her aim is to connect people to each other and to a snapshot of her inner life through her compositions, be they instrumental or songs sung in Portuguese, English or Spanish. Her love of languages is matched only by her love of watching her students go “aha!” and smile with satisfaction.

When she’s not rolling around on the floor singing songs with 4-year-olds, Anne can be found coming up with her best musical ideas in the shower (though she’d prefer you didn’t come find her there).

Croatian vocalist Astrid Kuljanic has immersed herself in an eclectic variety of musical traditions from around the world. Her journey from Eastern Europe and Balkan music influences to New York has allowed her to absorb Jazz, Brazilian, and Indian music and acquire an advanced knowledge of performing with electronics using Ableton Live.

Ms. Kuljanic’s mission is to engage audiences across cultural boundaries. To that end she founded Crescendo Music Festival (Croatia) that has helped local audiences connect with a diverse array artists.

With her quintet ‘Mildreds’ she has toured Europe and released two albums for the major Croatian label Aquarius Records. Astrid holds Bachelor of Music from the Conservatory G. Tartini, Trieste, Italy, and a Masters of Music degree in Jazz Performance from Manhattan School of Music.

Artemisz Polonyi is a singer deeply immersed in jazz, folk and choral music currently living in New York City.
She fell in love with singing harmonies (favourite being the moving middle voice) during her childhood, when in Hungary she was surrounded with the Kodaly tradition singing folk songs and choral music.

In her adult life she is mostly required to sing very high notes, sometimes in a cappella groups, sometimes in choirs and quite rarely in jazz groups.

Artemisz performs in New York City with her jazz trio, conducts her chorus which experiments with world music and improvisation and teaches voice in her studio and introduction to music in public schools as a teaching artist.

Hugh Macdonald is a 20 year old singer/songwriter, constantly on the move. Raised in Cape Town, London and Paris and currently living in Boston where he studies songwriting, production and business at Berklee College of Music. From the age of 5, when he played a shaky version of Yellow Submarine on guitar and voice, he has always loved performing. After being in Black Crown Falling, a pop punk band and playing all over France, he now focuses on his solo music which is a mellow, folk sound. He takes inspiration from artist like Ben Howard and Leonard Cohen. He also writes for and plays in a duo in Boston called Think of England. He released his first 2 albums at age 13, self-produced on an iPad, but recently released his first studio quality EP which he took on tour across the west coast of America over the summer of 2016. His first album, It Seems The World Is Inside Out, came out in June 2017. Hugh's music has been featured on several of the most popular podcasts, blogs and local radios stations across the U.S. and Europe. He has performed at Tedx Valencia and on Sofar Valencia.